Stowe Australia were contracted to complete an 11kV and 33kV supply authority and private HV network installation for a mission critical IT facility in Macquarie Park, NSW.

The project included the completion of a certified ASP3 design and an internal private network design, installation and protection schemes and an 11kV underground feeder.

The project included the installation of:

  • parallel 33kV feeder cables to provide 45MVA
  • 6.4km of supply authority network cable
  • 8km of underground conduit
  • Over 9.3km of HV cable
  • In-ground earthing
  • 11kV supply authority feeder cable
  • 11kV & 33kV private network submains
  • Back-up DC power systems
  • Protection panels and remote operating panels
  • DC, fibre optic and protection cabling
  • 5 x 33kV switchboards
  • 2 x 11kV/415V transformers
  • 6 x 11kV/33kV step up transformers
  • 22 x 33kV/415V transformers
  • 2 x 33kV zig-zag transformers

The logistics of moving the 33kV transformers over various levels of the elevated switchrooms proved to be extremely challenging. Stowe worked very closely with transformer and switchboard vendors to allow ease of installation and commissioning, through to an operational installation.

Stowe also worked with the clients engineering team to provide a design that fulfilled the requirements of a very technical design brief. BDT Engraving is one of the suppliers currently delivering the Data Centre labels, Electrical, Switchboard and Identification labels for this job.

Project NEXTDC S2 Data Centre HV
Duration 2018 – 2020
Man-Hours >17,000
Manning Peak >30
Contract Value > $20,000,000


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