Meet Taryn Dickson - Printing, Engraving, Embroidery Whiz

And the innovator behind Sydney's most diverse printing company. 

Taryn Dickson - Printing, Engraving, Embroidery

Having worked in a major law office in Sydney for over a decade, I knew that when it came time to have a family I didn't want to be working the long hours or dealing with the level of stress that comes with working in law firms.

With a 1 year old and me spending less and less time at home, something had to change. I had always wanted to be a hands on mum and working the corporate life makes that extremely difficult.

With a strong work ethic I knew I could provide a high quality service and 12 months research had shown me that there was room in the industrial printing market at that time, so I bit the bullet, invested in state of the art machinery and never looked back!

I have always been and will continue to be there for my family, which is how I envisaged my working and home life – balanced.

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Taryn Dickson - Printing Engraving Embroidery - Sydney